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HeadFinder iPhone App Review – A Simple, Perfect Task Manager

No one can hesitate iPhone is a much needed device for anyone nowadays. Apple devices are now becoming a good companion for people and it helps its owner almost everything within the screen. App Store delivers a sea of apps for iOS that full fills your needs like an assistant for your tasks.

HeadFinder for iPhone is such a brilliant production from App Fields, which can be a great personal assistant on the move. I agree there are lots of apps for reminding your personal assignments, but not all are the best. HeadFinder shines this category with intuitive design and a simple three step taps to set your reminders. HeadFinder is simple and easier to use, and it helps you in a situation where you badly need an alert to do a task!

headfinder app review

As I said before, this is really simple app to create a reminder and set the alarm with three taps. On launching it you can see the current reminders; if you have not added, you can simply tap on the plus sign above. Once done, you are ready to add a new task; simply type the title of your task, add a description for it if you need, set the time and finally choose the notification type. Simple isn’t it?

In fact all these are available in most of the reminder apps, but the way they made it easier for the users is the best thing on HeadFinder. For example, if you choose the calendar or time, there is no need to select them from a scrolling list as usual. Instead, it is presented with a simple sub screen and a single tap make it done. A single tap on the added reminders on the calendar lists the entire details, which is a nice option.

headfinder for iPhone

You can check out the completed tasks, missed tasks separately from a well-designed menu at the bottom. There is a “Settings” option as well where you can customize your notifications, deadlines, etc. All these options make this app a clean task manager on your iPhone. So spending your 99 cents won’t be in vain if you are struggling to manage your tasks.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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