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Haypi Dragon app review – Exciting multiplayer online game for iPhone & iPad

Haypi Dragon developed by Haypi co., Ltd is a very cool strategic action game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  This multiplayer online game is very much addictive from the beginning without any usual anecdotes behind the thrilling gameplay. The game comes with a decent graphics throughout that makes anyone to play this for a while.

First of all the game requires an internet connection to play with. The gameplay is fully based on physics based firing where you should be smart enough to thrash your enemies. Once you enter the app it should be connected to any available servers and displays your dashboard. There are a lot of things on the dashboard such as warehouse, your tasks, recent news and more. The best part is you can start a chat with other players who are also playing this game in real-time!

haypi dragon review for iPhone

On the dashboard you can watch out for the global rank table with the levels they are currently playing. It has some in-app purchases in the form of grabbing more coins that are available on right of the dashboard. There are lots of options available on the main screen, which I feel very scattered and one needs more attention to find out and organize them. In fact, this may make a novice gamer confused on the initial attempts.

Let’s come to the gameplay, which is categorized as many levels such as ancient forest, dragon valley and so on. You have to clear each stage one by one to unlock the rest. All that you need to do is drag and focus your dragon when your turn comes to fire at the enemies. Don’t forget to collect the shields on the air, which can be helpful to secure yourself on the opposite attack. On each stage there are more levels to pass on when completed you will be given the total scores along with the details of damages occurred and finally a way to gather some coins as well.

haypi dragon review for ipad

The game gets slicker and the number of enemies will grow as you move on. You have to carefully watch the tricks to make your enemies less dangerous. For example, you may see two dragons attacking at you, where there will be a rock on the top. You can easily pass them if you make the rock to fall over the enemies which in turn stop them fire at you.

Have a look at the timer running on the screen when your turn comes and fire at the opponent before it expires.  There are some special protections you can avail, which should be helpful when you face stronger enemies.

On the whole the app is very interesting to play even though the gameplay seems a bit old and repetitive. With some intuitive controls and enticing graphics, Haypi dragon can be a real time killer!

Haypi Dragon is available on the App Store for FREE!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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