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Havoc iPhone App Review – Go for the Devastation!

It’s been a long time I have played a game that is completely designed with a cartooned feel on the game characters, design and interface.  Havoc is a universal game for the iOS that comes under this category, where the entire game gives the feel of watching a cartoon.

This game is an as usual shoot the object on your way game, but keeps the track different in terms of its design. The entire game is made like a genuine drawing feel and sometimes it looks boring as well. The fact is this looks entirely different in between the high resolution graphical games from the app app store. As the name replicates the aim of this game is destroying the various objects on the way to get the target.

havoc app review

On starting it you can see some graphics that tells a simple story on the game; you can skip this if you want. There is a simple tutorial on the menu, which easily tells you how to proceed with the game. You have to choose your playing character on tapping the play option. There are three characters in this game named Xerxes, Samson, Lilith. The very next part is choosing the level. By default there is only one stage is available and the others are locked.

You have to walk across the path and hit the objects that come through. To destroy them you have to collect as much as stones on the way. Single tap on your character fires at the object and you have to angle it right to hit the target. If your character passes the object without destroying the target, your life will be reduced. Totally you have only three chances to complete a level. You can watch out for the flying rockets as well. Taping on these can multiply your score. But I never had seen my score increasing while tapping on it!

havoc iOS game app

Also there are some special rockets that contain Minions. Minions can help you destroy tougher objects on your way. More interestingly this app is featured with OpenFeint, which lets you to play online with your friends. In fact, it is pretty good to add an online leaderboard on games, which most people look for. There is a “settings” option as well, which allows you to mute the music and sound FX on this game.

I can wind up this game saying that, Havoc is a little game on your iDevice without any higher-end graphics, but keeps the concept interesting with a different design. Havoc is available on the app store for $0.99. Have a look!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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