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GymPush iPhone app review – A perfect fitness companion

It is quite obvious that many of us forget to do the daily workouts in the busy days. Sometimes it may be purposely due to the busy schedules you have. GymPush for iPhone developed by StormPush is a cool reminder app that assists you on your regular gym works.

You have to create an account with the app or you can easily launch it with your Facebook account as well. On the home page you can see the summary of your sessions added. If you create an account with the app, you have to give the monthly gym fee at the registration page. Based on that, the app calculates the average cost and ratio and displays on the home page.

Your planned, completed and missed sessions are displayed on the app that allows you to organize the workouts more clearly. You can add a new session to the app easily and set the notification period as you required. Once done it will be added to the planned sessions and displayed on the home screen. You will get the reminder on the specified times and you can mark it as completed once you have done with your workout. Another feature is that you can add the duration of your workout, the overall feel and the rating as well.

gympush for iPhone gympush review for iPhone

The app is integrated with Foursquare location service that enables you to add your own gym to the app. The Sessions option displays the calendar and you can easily tap on any date or the ‘+’ button to add the new session. All the stats are displayed on a monthly or yearly basis. GymPush also offers a way to connect with other people with the feature ‘GymBuddy’. You can enjoy this feature for the one time in-app purchase.

If you are logged in with the Facebook account, you can update your profile from the settings. You can also customize the app settings and GymBuddy settings from the ‘Settings’ tab. If you are regularly missing your fitness workouts, this app can be a good fitness assistant on your iPhone. GymPush is available for free of cost from the App Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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