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GemPang iPhone App Review – May be Addictive if the Gameplay Goes Interesting

Are you bored playing Bejeweled more on your iOS devices? Of course the most appreciated puzzle game among the game freaks packed the top charts on the app store for long days. GemPang is such a game, which resembles Bejeweled in terms of its gameplay; but completely looks unique from the design and interface.

Gempang iPhone game

The game is made with super looking retina resolution images, which is pretty colorful on the screens. GemPang is a simple puzzle game with an ease of use in the gameplay. It is interesting and easy to play with. The gameplay is simple and interesting; you can see vivid monsters on the screen when you tap the new game. Monsters in the sense they are looking so cute apart from the term “Monster” J. They are colorful, and you have to tap and drag monsters with same color to the box placed in the middle of the screen.

There are various levels of games once you compete each. You can see your level progressing on top when you group the monsters into the box. Also, you are provided with scores on each correct move. You can finish levels faster using the extra items appears on the screen while playing. Dropping them to the middle placed box makes levels to finish fast and boost your score.

Gempang for iPhone

There is a new introduction from the developers called global ranking system in this game, but GameCenter is badly missing! Apart from the colorful design and graphics, the game is getting bored on repeated play. Another thing I have noticed is, there is no sharing in any ways inside this app. At least a Twitter or Facebook sharing should be appreciated. GemPang is available for $0.99 from the app store and if you need something colorful inside your iPhone keeping the gameplay aside, GemPang is a sure shot!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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