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FreeAppWall iPhone App Review – Get Notified of Paid Apps that Goes FREE

There are lots of free and paid apps on Apple App Store and I am sure that from the sea of apps choosing the right one is of course a tough task! Just think of an app that can notify you about the apps that goes for free, FreeAppWall on your iPhone exactly does this job.

“FreeAppWall is the rootinest tootinest app in the whole of the Wild West. We roundup the wildest paid apps for free” this is what you see when you launch the app at first. As they say you can see some cool apps, which you can get for free of cost. Please make a note; all those apps were paid apps.

freeappwall app review

The apps are categorized as most wanted, free for a limited time and suggested free apps. On tapping a particular app guides you towards its individual page with detailed description and screenshots.  There is an option ‘Get It’; tapping on it opens the App Store page for the app and you can download it very easily. Quite simple right? Indeed, this app is very much helpful for users to get noticed about interesting apps that goes for free without their knowledge.

I am aware of some websites such as FAD (Free App a Day) and apps like FreeAppWin, which exactly does this job already. But what makes FreeAppWall the best among them is the way they can notify users about the offers. Yes, with this app you can set on/off push notifications on your device. This is very helpful rather than checking the app each and every time for free apps.

freeappwall for iPhone

Another plus in FreeAppWall is the intuitive design. Screens are well-built with a wooden wall and the apps placing are eye-catching. There is an option to share the app via Twitter, Facebook or email as well. On the downside, this app needs a Wi-Fi or 3G to operate, which is not a big issue on apps of this kind. FreeAppWall has launched today on Apple App Store and you can grab a copy of this app for free of cost.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.6/5]

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