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Free Music Download Pro Plus iPhone App Review

All of us can single heartedly say that iOS is the most secured mobile operating system in the world right now. You may feel frustrated downloading the music/video files in your iPhone or iPad as there is no way to download them on your devices straightaway. You need to sync your device all time with iTunes for file transfers. iTunes has all the stuff you need, but if you need a file downloaded from the web, you are in vain!

Music Download Pro for iPhone and iPod Touch is the right choice if you ever feel syncing the iTunes as a tedious job. This app provides some benign features that combine a music player along with a browser. It allows you downloading any files right on your device and saves them inside. You can download, save and playback the files without leaving the app.

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Opening the app shows a web browser where you can go to any websites and download stuffs to your iPhone. You can see the files downloaded in the app, sort them and create new folders to store them.  Like any other music players, Music Downloader Pro has a playlist and a decent music player as well.

Personally I like the player more than the native music player as there are some enticing options such as social media sharing, equalizers and a timer to turn off the player when you fall asleep. The quality of the music was good and there was nothing obscured in terms of the intuitive UI.

This is a really useful app when you see some Android users downloading all the web stuffs without any hassle on their devices. More importantly, the app supports the latest iPhone 5 as well! The app is available for $0.99 on the App Store, but if you don’t want to spend any bucks you can get it for FREE, which has the same features as the PRO version except that it is limited to store 15 files and has no Wi-Fi transfer with PC/MAC.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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