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Flag Wars iPhone App Review – Interesting Strategic Game Fumbles Somewhere

Strategic board games are always something really interesting to play all time. App store is flooded with a huge amount of such apps, but some shines and survives the competition. Flag Wars from the developers GrubbsieDev is such an interesting game, but lacks some much needed features.

flag wars app review

First thing, this is a fully multiplayer game enabled with GameCenter. So if you need to play this app you must be connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G. In fact, I hate a compulsory “online” gaming because, I would love to play games on my fourth generation iPod Touch while travelling and it keeps my iPhone’s battery stronger enough. I have enjoyed the gameplay of Fag Wars and it was quite interesting board game I have tried so far.

This game is pretty average in terms of the design and added features, but the gamepay is something keeps user stick on it. As I said earlier this is a multiplayer online game and please make sure you had your eyes rolled over the “How to Play” section initially. It contains a clear view of the proceedings. You can see the leaderboard and how many players are online.

Once I have started the game, there comes the problem that I was not able to add any opponent from the leaderboard to play with! So it was really pointless in an online board game without any opponents to play with and the screen keeps loading the players. Even the developers were aware of this and they have provided me with a solution to proceed by adding a player individually using their GameCenter nick or email id. Once again I was simply clueless, why this happens?

flag wars for iPhone

Your goal in this game is to capture your opponent’s flag and protect yours with the bombs. There are many rules to follow on this game like small numbers are stronger and they can remove big numbered opponents. You can see all these details from the tutorial part. I have added the developer himself to play with due to the problems in adding other opponents. The game was really a challenging one indeed. My simple suggestion is to go for a better graphics than the odd colored boards.

Flag Wars is available on the app store for $0.99 and this would be a great game if the hassles while playing online got removed.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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