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Filamente iPhone App Review – No More Tiresome Editing on Your iDevice

Sharing documents is a very important need for people as smartphones are booming in the market and users are accessing the documents via their smartphone. Of course, I used to explore several documents on my iPhone and iPad when I am on a trip or if I am out of my laptop. It was not a big deal for me to download and look at the docs on the iDevices, but what comes to perfection on the above is when I used Filamente.

Hope all of you are aware about the SharePoint websites. Accessing the documents in a SharePoint website via this app is really the easiest task I have ever tried. For business people this app can be a great deal on the go! Using Filamente you can easily upload, download and edit the documents on your iDevice.

filamente app review

Filamente is very simple to use as the initial tap takes you to the ‘workspace’ where you can see all the documents you have used in the SharePoint website. If you are new to the app, you have to tap on the “+” button and add your SharePoint website. You have to add a description part as well and turn off/on the offline support. This enables you to use the app even if you are offline. For confidentiality you have to set a username and a password after setting up your SharePoint website.

Once you are done, you can see the shared documents on the ‘workspace’. That’s it; you can do whatever on those documents without depending on your web browser. Tap on the “edit” option and start editing your documents, upload it again. Another excellent feature from this app is the offline ‘local documents’. You can create a new folder or a text document right inside this option and once finished you can upload it to the SharePoint website.

filamente for iOS

Once you are done with the new documents you can easily share them via email, send it as a personal note or open it in the safari. There is a ‘favorites’ option in the menu, where you can see the documents that you have marked as favorite from the workspace. On the ‘Settings’ you can avail options like setting up a password to the app, which is really a needed one if you store important documents inside. You can look up for some theme changes on the app and there is an option that lets you to link your DropBox account to this app! Indeed, this is really a great feature.

On the whole Filamente is a great app for anyone who plays with bunch of documents on their iDevice. Apart from the cost I didn’t find anything on the negative part. Adding some more cloud services inside the application would be a great deal. Filamente is a universal app you can download it from the app store for $12.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16] [4/5]

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