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FeedsWire app review for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Technology has grown into some amazing and convenient possibilities.  This is clearly the case when dealing with Feedswire; the app that provides News RSS Feed based on your personal preferences.  In fact, when this app was initially introduced into the App Store; it instantly became one of the Top 50 “What’s New” apps and has the ratings to prove it.  But, how exactly does Feedswire work?

When you first get onto the main screen; you will instantly see the convenience of this app.  There are already certain websites that are subscribed to with an RSS feed of the most current stories.  Since there is only so much that can be added onto the main feed; this is where you’ll get an idea of the subject and whether it’s interesting enough to click on.  The side panel shows a list of the different registered sites along with a category for easy location.  You can click on the initial story and another page will appear with the detailed version directly from the website.

feedswire app review for iPhone

However, once you get the main story; the fun can really begin.  The bottom right hand corner offers a way to share it via Facebook and Twitter, send it through email, or even an option for viewing it in Safari.  This, of course, will take you from the app into the internet from your device for more information from the site itself.  You can even refresh the initial page from Feedswire which is convenient for forums and ongoing updates.

But, the best part of this app is that you can personalize it.  By going back to the main screen; you can click on the “Plus” icon located at the corner of the category column and search for more websites to add onto the RSS feed.  Based on the subject; you will be given a list of websites that can be clicked on and will provide a check mark to show that it has been highlighted.  From there; the site will be instantly added to your feed.  After a few additions, you’ll begin to appreciate the constantly updating RSS Feed that is found on the main page.

Of course, because you’re able to update with all of your favorite subjects; the list on the side column can grow to be extremely long.  There doesn’t seem to be any limitation on the amount; so finding one in particular can be a little difficult.  However, a great feature from the developer is the option to search within your categorized list.  This makes it very convenient when located specific stories.

feedwire app review for iPad

A great addition in the future would be a way to categorize certain websites.  This way user can click on their “Favorite” section to see an RSS Feed of their preferred subjects.  After all; it’s fun to scroll through an entire News Feed of preferred stories, but even better to highlight the ones that are frequented often.

The fact is that the convenience and assistance that Feedswire can offer is a clear indication as to why it has been rated high amongst users.  And because it can be personalized with your interests; it will literally become the first app to check when picking up your device.  It’s a free download and definitely worth the time.

Our Review: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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