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Fashion Dolls iPhone App Review

fashion doll for iPhoneFashion Dolls for iPhone is an interactive fashion magazine with professional models & fashionable clothes that can bring a lot of colors in front of your eyes. Fashion Dolls may not be a pick for every user, but if you have some taste in recent fashion technologies and clothing sense, this app must be a pleasure to watch out!

Indeed the app has some age restricted materials, but for this kind of app it is a must thing to bring real-time fashion models in your device. The result is really good as the app extracts what we can feel if we were attending a fashion show in reality.

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Once you open the app you can see some pretty hot girls around the screen with their measurements, physical details such as height, weight and more. You can see the likes and hates on these models rated by professional stylists. The innovative part in the app is the reality the models make in your iPhone! You can just control the babies inside your iPhone and make them do a catwalk, pose with stunning fashion clothes.

You can turn them back, get closer to the screen and change the clothing for better looks. You can just tap on the cloth or lingerie and the model comes in front of you with a demo! The app needs internet connection to load different real-time demos by the fashion models. You can get more girls for some in-purchases as well.

On the whole Fashion Dolls delivers the best in terms of a good mobile app for fashion designers. It is flawless and works very intuitive. However, the content is a bit adult rated, which may raise your eyebrows on the initial looks. You can download the app for $0.99 from the Apple App Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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