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Face Bender iPhone App Review – Make One Ugly as You Wish

Do you want a revenge on your friend making him as much as dirty as you wish? Face Bender is a cool application on your iPhone, which helps you to covert a beautiful snap into a horrible or a funny one.

Face Bender app review

This app holds lots of interesting features that can make a funniest experience you ever had. I know there are similar applications available in the app store, but Face Bender was a good one I have tried out so far. With Face Bender you can warp, twist, stretch faces, adding awesome eyes, hats and other add-ons to your camera roll pictures.

Once you open the app you can select a picture from the app or you can directly select any of your pictures from the camera roll. Once you are done with choosing an image you can easily add the effects to it and save it on your iDevice. There are options to choose a pre-defined image of a man or women where you can make your trials.

I chose my sister’s snap first and started giving it all those effects available. It was really fun playing with the app adding various features and makes it so funnier. You can simply wrap the selected picture any ways just using your fingertips. You can add a cooler, choose a different eye, hats, ears, and there are lots of things available to make the image funnier.

Face Bender for iPhone

What I saw is there are lots of horrible effects rather than funny ones. You can easily undo/redo whatever changes you made on your photo. You can stretch the stickers at any directions or rotate them in any directions. If you want to change one effect you can easily delete particular sticker from the picture. You can move the stickers to top or bottom as per your needs. Once you are done with all just a tap saves the final version of the image to your camera roll.

Simply Face Bender is a nice app to try out if you want some funniest and horrible looking effects to be made in your photos. If you are one having some funny imaginations on a photograph, Face Bender can assist you make your imaginations real very easily.

Face Bender is available on the app store for $0.99

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