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Eye For Color iPhone app review – A challenge for the eyes and fingers

Even though there are a lot of high end graphics games on the App Store, puzzle games always had some demand among the gaming freaks. Indeed, they keep us more engaged to the game with tricky challenges throughout. Eye for Color is such a simple game for your iPhone that comes with tight challenges for the player, especially for your eyes!

This game may not be a pick for everyone, but if you are ready to take some fast movements with your fingers end eyes – Eye for Color will be a perfect game for you! The concept of this game is very simple, but what I felt the heat while playing it for the first time. The game starts off with a clear demonstration on how to play it. Of course, go through it before you start!

eyes for color review for iPhone

The game is about arranging different colored tiles scattered on the screen to the row given that forms a gradient color combination overall. You can either start playing the default gaming or create a custom game as well. You have to double tap on the tile to get it on the foreground and simply drag them to the box. Check the first and last box before you start dragging the icons to make sure you arrange them to form the gradient colors.

A bomb will be running on the bottom and you have to fix the tiles before it explodes. In fact, the time period is very less, which made me feel that the game is a bit tough one to start with. You can choose from different colors and the number of tiles to play by yourself on the custom game section.

eyes for color game review for iPhone

A lock button on the bottom left allows you protect the progress on the puzzle. There are in-app purchases available as a diffusing skill for the bombs. You can try this from lock option as well. Just drag and drop the available locks to the color bar to protect the tiles from explosion. This can extend the game and allows you more time to arrange the tiles.

The game is Game Center enabled so that users can play it online with friends. Eye for Color is a challenging puzzle game you can try on the go! This game is available on the App Store for just $0.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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