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Economizer iPhone App Review – Keep an Eye on Your Daily Budget Easily

Planning your budget is an important thing to lead a better life. Now a day it is really tough to plan your spending day by day or a weekly basis, but with the help of your iPhone this becomes a matter of sweet cake with some quality apps from the app store.

economizer app review

Economizer comes pretty handy with your iDevice that keeps track on your daily spending in an easiest and efficient way. As the name implies this app keeps track of your economical status and helps you manage your earnings perfectly.

While playing with the app it asks the days you want to keep the budget planner working and how much you can spend for those days. Once you have entered the information you can see a rope on the screen, which you need to pull down if you spent something on the specific day. I like this concept and the interface, design are really interesting. So if you spent some bucks from your wallet you have to pull the liver, which asks you how much you spent and for what it was?

On the next screen Economizer shows the balance amount you can spend on that day. If you have crossed a day’s budget it shows zero with today’s overdraft is – (the amount you have spent extra). You can see today or all days spending by simply swapping the buttons at the bottom. You can see the exceeding budget if you have crossed your daily limits and plan accordingly for the next days.

economizer for iPhone

I was impressed with this app and the fact is that I used to keep engaging with Economizer these days and it is a good budget planner indeed. Another thing I have noticed on the app is the settings option, which delivers some welcome changes on the app. You can set the currency you are using and it is empty by default. You can also change the rope into a liver or button. You can increase/decrease the general sum of your spending as well. There is an option to surrender your budget plan right away so that you can clear the current one and start a new plan immediately.

For just 99 cents on the Apple app store, Economizer delivers the best for the entire one who looks to manage a daily budget plan easily on the iDevice.

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I have received a request from the developers to add a video demo for this app, here it is

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