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Easy Words iPhone app review – A flawless translator for iPhone

I have experienced a lot of language transition apps from the App Store. Of course, there are some great apps out there that can translate any languages you choose. Most of them are focusing on any two languages, perhaps some more in numbers. Here is Easy Words, an iPhone app that can help you in translating around 36 languages!

Easy Words is developed by By 7 glyphs and I have made this app a must one all time on my iPhone! Easy Words is very simple in design with brilliant and intuitive user interface on all the run. I am pretty sure that this app can be very helpful for many people who travel a lot and for someone who have thirst to learn new languages!

easy words review

The process is very easy as you have to just enter the word you need to translate on the box given and simply tap on the translate button. You can easily translate among the given 36 languages as you wish on the go. Surprisingly the app fetched most accurate results all time I tried with several words from different languages.

Easy Words doesn’t close with a usual translator app, but also provides users a way of learning some new words and languages as a flashcard app as well. Save each word when you translate, which will be stored by the app for learning purpose lately. Easy Words is not an app that shows only a particular appropriate word while you tap on translate, but shows you all the synonyms of that word in the appropriate destination language!

easy words app review for iPhone

You have to create separate profiles for languages to be translated. This can be done by choosing the first, second language and simply make the profile ticked to go for the translation. You can create separate lists for all the words you translate and save them from the main screen itself. Saving a word and creating a list can be very helpful for further learning on the words you tried.

“Learn” option from the menu gives all the flashcard things you need for practicing new words. On the whole this app has got a lot of potential and it can be used for anyone who travels regularly and someone who seeks learning new languages. Don’t mind spending some cash for such a nice application!

Easy Words is available on the App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.3/5]

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