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Draco the Dragon iPhone App Review – Excelent Shooting Game to get Pass Your Holidays

I was just out of reach on regular game reviews recent days. Even though I am a game freak, most of the apps I was trying out on my device was not games. When I am requested to try this app, I was not in other mind to go for it because I was very impressed by seeing the app description and screenshots itself.

Draco the dragon is a brilliant arcade shooting game on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Some may find this is just a replacement of regular spaceships, air craft’s, etc., but personally I feel, this app is a very good time killer and stands out with a very nice design and graphics. It is the usual fantasy shooting game, which is developed with great sense in the user interface.

drago the dragon for iPhone

Initial launch of Draco will tell you an interesting story about a divine tree, which has been hacked by the evils. Hero Draco has to fight against the bad and save the word! The app is built with intuitive accelerometer controls, which is very easy to control while playing. Taping on new game will take you to select your dragon and a difficulty level. The game screen is very well designed, which gives a real arcade look of ancient dragon wars.

You are shown the strength of your enemies at first, once started it’s a real battle between Draco and the bad dragons. You have to go through various dangerous obstacles that can reduce life of Draco. You can slide through the screen using the accelerometer feature and move on all directions. The enemies will attack you and you have to shoot back by tapping on the screen. I like that option to fire by tapping anywhere on the screen instead of a separate fire button. Pick the life boosters on your way without fail so that you can make Draco powerful against the enemies.

drago the dragon app review

Another plus in the app is the BGM, which is really good that replicates the feel of ancient wars. You can choose any of three themes as your background music. You can shoot high powered fire to enemies using your breath! Interesting right? Yes, this app holds such a unique feature of firing at enemies using the air from your mouth. You have to breathe fast in front of your microphone to get it fired. There are 12 missions on this app, which gets tougher and tougher on proceedings.

The game comes with Game Center, OpenFient and Local Leaderboards so that you can challenge your friends if you are connected to a network. On the whole, Draco is such a brilliant game if you love play shooting games. You can grab this app from the App Store for 99 cents!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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