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Deserve a Medal iPhone app review – Give your friends a surprising appreciation

What Deserve a Medal trying to say is, Medals are not only for Athletes or someone who score high marks in educational levels. If you want to award a medal for someone with a certificate, this app is a fun way of doing it by yourselves.

Deserve a Medal developed by Ecommerce Support Ltd is a cool application that can help you in appreciating your friends for their achievements. Usually you can greet them by a call, texting or directly by giving some gifts. This is where Deserve a Medal can really help you by showing that you are unique person.

deserve a medal review for iPhone

With this app you can create your own medals and certificates and send them to your friends via email or share through Twitter & Facebook. The app is very simple in concept, but mainly focuses on the fun we can have in between friends. Of course, it would be a great feel if you do something like this as an appreciation for your buddies rather than the regular things.

The app prompts you to choose/take a photo to position the medal. If you don’t want to include a picture, you can simply choose a virtual medal and proceed further. You can position the medal in the photo by simply pinch/zoom your fingers on the screen. Once done, you can get into the certificate part where the app asks the recipient name, content in the certificate body and finally the person who awarded it.

deserve a medal review for iPhone

The final step is to assign a certificate design as you wish. In fact, the selection range is very low (only 3 models are available), which is disappointing. That’s it, your certificate is done and you can easily send them via email, Twitter or Facebook. In case if you don’t have the internet connection, you can simply save them to your device and send later.

Deserve a Medal is not something many people use, but if you want some fun moments with your friends this app can help you a lot. It is available on the App Store for Free!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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