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Defen-G Astro iPhone App Review – Strongly Made Wall to Beat Enemies

Action games are always interesting to play, which makes me sit in one place for long hours engaging my time with the iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone devices. If you have tried a defense game on an Android device you may be experienced the game Robo Defense. It is one of my favorite action games all time on my Droid.defen g astro game

Here is a same kind of iOS app Defen-G Astro that is completely different with the design, but keeps the same gameplay of Robo Defense. So after playing such a brilliant game, I was very excited when I had a chance to try this app. There is small introduction on the game when you hit the play screen for the first time. You can see a tutorial also, which is good one to proceed with the play.

There are three levels of play normal, hard or crazy. The game proceedings are designed like a star sign design. You have to set the units to attack the enemies from the garage. Once done you are all set for the clash with the enemies. You have to hit in any unit from the bottom of the playing screen and drop them on the right position to attack. You can place your units on top of another as well, which gives a tight security. Be aware that the enemies can also attack and kill your units.

Defen g astro for iPhone

Once you have finished your enemies you can see your star ratings, score and ranking in a separate screen, which guides you to the next level of play. On each level you are given with some shields to protect your units. Shields include adding health to your units, protection cover and a lot more. You can use them wisely and make your units more stable and strong to score more on the levels.

There is an infinity mode on this game, which is disabled initially. You can explore this level if you beat the titans in the initial levels. You can see your total score and individual stage scores as well. There are some in-app purchases in this app, which you can avail from the “Shop”. It will cost your bucks so if you are planning for a richer game; go for it J I can conclude my words on this app saying, Defen-G Astro is a nice action defense game to spare your time. The developers can make some changes on the enemy characters and units with more colors, which may give a better feeling on this game.

Defen-G Astro is available on the app store for $2.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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