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CrossWolf iPhone app review – Run, run, run all the way!

Running adventure games are always in the thrilling genre especially if it is developed with some high-end graphical taste. CrossWolf is a universal app developed by Blazing Soft with some high quality graphics and an addictive run to win gameplay.

The main attraction of CrossWolf is its graphics. It is pretty decent when I have downloaded the iPad version of the game and the gameplay was flawless. Of course, it is the again the old story of run through wild area, collect coins to improve your health and reach the goal to exist in the game.

crosswolf game review

In CrossWolf, you have to guide a wolf on its way to reach the next levels. There are no controls over the running wolf, but all you can do is tap on the screen to make it jump and collect as much as coins to keep the scores up. The running platform and graphics remember me the old age Contra games.

You have to be careful on the running platform and jump safe to keep the wolf alive. There are more dangerous mobs and lethal obstacles on your way, which you should keep in mind. Gold coins are important as they will help you to get protective shields, restore your skills and even to get some high speeds. This can be helpful in getting some protective skins as well. When you get into a new platform, you may in need of more coins that can be avail through the store.

crosswolf iphone game review

CrossWolf has some eye-catching graphics, addictive gameplay and some interesting platforms to get any user play the game for a while. On the negative side, I felt the gameplay is a bit old and repetitive. Another major drawback was the unresponsiveness of touch screen when I tried to tap the right hand portion of gaming screen. If you try to make the wolf jump, you must use your left thumb or tap on the left side of screen! I am not sure about this issue happening for all, but I tried it on both iPhone and iPad and the problem persist.

CrossWolf is featured with Apple’s Game Center and available on the App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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