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CoPilot Live Premium USA iPhone App Review – A Must Need Application that Drives you to Anywhere in USA

I would like to start this review for CoPilot Live saying, this is the best navigation app I have tried so far! I am sure none of you is going to reject my statement if you try this application. It would be a great experience for anyone with an iPhone/iPOd Touch that navigates you around all corners of your city. CoPilot exactly delivers at this point!

CoPilot is such a brilliant innovation from ALK Technologies, which can assist you with a voice-guided GPS navigation to get you wherever you need to go. One of the main advantages I found was there is no need for any internet connections and even the mobile network to operate this app. Once you have downloaded the app the entire map of U.S is loaded inside your iPhone! A bitter part is the time you need to download the application (1.41GB) is really huge if you are with an average internet connection.

copilot app review

I don’t think I can wind up this app with a single review; however all I am going to do is the summary of the sea of features inside. Initial launch welcome you and asks to create a CoPilot id or register a new one. So if you don’t want to register you can do that later and enter the app straight away. Thereafter, you are asked to enter your destination, which comes with varieties of option like address, my places, POI, contact, browse map, photonav, coordinates. Tapping on the address asks you to enter the city, zip code and the necessary details to the destination (All is voice based). That’s it you are directed toward the excellent 3D view on the map that takes you to your destination as a mother who grabs her child’s hand and walks on the road.

You can also change it to a 2D map, find your POI’s along the way, directions, etc. You can find your Point of Interest (POI), which is supported with the Wikipedia and Bind local search. Another cool feature was the “PhotoNav” ability that finds the GPS coordinates from the photo to navigate. You can choose the route option from the menu tab for finding the active traffic around your way. Of course, this needs some extra money and the network connection. You can find out your vehicle preferences as well. This is not the end, you can even check out the current weather within this app from the “more” option. It also allows you to find the parking areas nearby.

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You can turn on/off the features that CoPilot offers from the “Settings” option. As I said in the beginning, there are lots of features inside this application. You can set the voice navigation to other languages such as UK English, Espanol, Portuguese, etc. You can set the units of measure while driving, set the speed limit (if your vehicle crosses it you will be notified with the voice guide!) and more and more!

CoPilot Live is an awesome navigation app that can assure the value of your money. In fact I have used this app for more than one wee to entirely explore its features and I am still finding new! Keep CoPilot on your iPhone and go wherever you want without any worries. A must need application!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.7/5]

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