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Contacts Duster Pro iPhone app review – A convenient contacts management tool

Utility apps are something that can help people in several ways where some business card readers relieve you keeping bunch of cards on your pockets, there are calculators, bar code scanners, etc that are convenient tools to make your life better and  easier.

Contacts Duster Pro is such a nice application developed by MyClickapps, which gives you a better way of contact management on your iPhone. Contacts Duster Pro is a universal app that supports both the iPhone and iPad.

contacts duster pro utility app

Contacts Duster Pro is a good way to clean your iPhone contact list by removing the duplicate contacts. This app comes very handy on situations where you switch between your network carriers, upgrading to a new device, and syncing contacts from emails, Twitter or Facebook, etc. On these situations there are more chances for duplication of your contacts where Contacts Duster Pro is really a great relief.

Once you started the app you can see the total number of contacts and groups in your contact list on the main screen. You can see the last updated time on bottom of the screen with a refresh button. So whenever you made changes on the contacts list, tap on the refresh button to re-scan and update the list.

If there are any duplicate contacts or zombies (imported emails not associated to any contacts), the app easily finds and displays them on screen. Just tap on the duplicates tab, which shows the duplicate contacts on your device. Tap on the merge button and that’s it; the contacts are stored under the same name eliminating the duplicate entries. This app finds the duplicate contacts if you have the same name stored on different numbers and clean zombies from your iPhone contact list.

But, it failed when I have stored the same number on different names! Sadly the app didn’t find any duplication this time! There is an option to auto merge the duplications if any. Another cool feature is you can create new groups on your contact list within the app. The app shows your contact lists in graphical format as well! It fetches the contact list, sorts out the duplicates and zombies, displays it in a pie chart format.

This app has one more cool feature that enables you to back up your entire contact list. Contacts Duster Pro is definitely a good try if you have huge list of contacts on your iPhone or iPad and vanish some unwanted entries with some easy taps. You can get this app from the App Store for $2.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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