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Color Splurge iPhone App Review – Great Tool to Colorize & Share Your Snaps

You can find a lot of apps from the Apple App Store to edit your snaps as you wish and upload them to popular image sharing websites. I have tried some of them, but most of them were more intended towards decorating the image with funny stickers, texts, etc. Here is an app that can help you decorate your snaps decently keeping those funny moments away.

Color Splurge for iPhone is a very decent application that can help you to colorize your images from your Facebook albums, Facebook profile picture, your device’s photo gallery, from your camera or even if you have something on your clipboard! Color Splurge has a lot of options in it, which almost gives you a feel of paint application on your iPhone.

color splurge app review

Launching the app shows the necessary tips you need to explore the app. There is a menu on top left where you can create new projects, load the saved images and upload your recent works. As I said earlier, you can upload an image from varieties of sources, which is more than enough for a free app! Once you have selected an image, you can see it on the editing screen with nice editing options. The image would be colorless and you have to colorize it as you wish.

You can set the brush size to your editing needs and there is an option to turn on/off the brush tip as well. Options to refresh the image to the initial stage and an undo button are much expected on this kind of apps; Color Splurge is not an exception here! You can simple pinch zoom in/out the image, which is really helpful for minuet coloring. You can set the image to the original fit with a single tap as well. There is an option to switch back from the colored image to the gray one by simply tapping on the ‘Grey’ option.

color splurge for iPhone

If you want to change the colors on the image, you can choose the option ‘Colorize’, which shows the color changing button on top right. Finally, there is an extremely easy and awesome option to upload the colorized images. You can change the image resolution from the original size to another specification and upload. Again, there are bunch of uploading options inside the app; you can share it to your global Facebook wall, Facebook albums, Twitpic, Photo album or email them. If you want to send the colorized snap to anyone, you can simply email them as well. Another interesting feature is the option to copy the final image to your clipboard so that you can use it wherever you want.

The thumb down in Color Splurge is the color selection, which is only based on RGB and Hex numbers. An option to choose a color directly by a tap would be great. There is no option to add some funny texts or images to the final version of image, which would be really helpful if you want to wish someone saying a happy birthday or something like that. These are not major negatives for this app because for free of cost from the App Store, Color Splurge delivers the best indeed!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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