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ClassicTunes USA1 iPhone app review – Your favorite tracks on the move

Listening to music gives a refreshing feel if you are bored or need some relaxation to your mind. I am sure most of you will hold a bunch of your favorite songs all time on your iPhone or iPad. ClassicTunes is an interesting music app from twowaynco that delivers high quality stuff of music to your ears.

ClassicTunes has all the features that a good music app needs. The app is little bigger in size (562 MB), so you have to download it through iTunes unless you have a speedy Wi-Fi connection. I don’t know why, but the developer says you can’t download the app using a 3G connection!

classictunes for iPhone

ClassicTunes USA is the combinations of volume one, two and three, which purveys a total of two hundred and eighty three songs in it! This is the first volume of app that is the collection of 94 beautiful tracks from the players like Adolf Busch, Arthur Fiedler, Joseph Szigetti and many more. You can find some beautiful classical collections from Back, Beethoven, Handel and Mozart all in ClassiciTunes USA V1.

The good part in the app is that all the songs are fully playable and there is no extracts. It comprises some brilliant collections of distinguished composers in the world music history. Once downloaded you don’t need any network connections to play the songs again.

The app has got a clean menu design where you can see the entire songs or play your favorite playlists. You can search for the songs using the search button and in the latest version the developers has added YouTube search as well. There are provisions to sort the songs by composers, genres or musicians as well.

classictunes review

The player is nicely designed along with a benign option of setting the timer. You can activate the timer on top right of the playing screen, which allows you to set the time when you want to switch off the music automatically. The app supports multi tasking functionality and it is designed fully supported for Retina display.

ClassicTunes USA is a good app for music lovers who want their favorite tunes always with them on the go. You may think is it worth 94 tracks for barely $2, but instead of wasting your time on searching and downloading these tracks, you can simply go for ClassicTunes.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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