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Chopsticks Culture iPhone App Review – Definitely Need Some Recipes

Cooking, foods, recipes, delicious desserts; the most interesting thing every time! Yes, cooking department is something interesting for foodies like me because everyone likes tasting different recipes from worldwide. Chopsticks culture is an app that can bring you varieties of foods from China.

Chopsticks culture app review

If you are planning an Asian trip nearby time, surely Chopsticks culture going to be a big part in your trip. I have never tasted a Chinese dish yet, but after looking into the snaps inside this app I was in real trouble to control my tongue J  What I have really missed in this app is, there is no ingredients and recipes collection, which is really a drawback.

Chopsticks culture is a collection of various Chinese entry-level dishes, drinks, main dishes and mouth-watering desserts. Each option contains list of items with colorful, eye-catching pictures of particular dish. There is no description on the item, ingredients information, etc. So you cannot cook this right from this app, but if you are in front of a waiter in Chinese hotel; this app can help you.  You can master the way of ordering Chinese dishes in Cantonese or Mandarin.

There is an option to listen the accent for each dish, which is also spelled in English for better understanding. You can search a particular dish from the entire collection using a search box in the home screen. Interestingly there is a game in the app, which can test your memory skills. There are levels of the game in which each comes with the snap of a dish with options to select its name. Initial level contains the options in English and it changes to Chinese on the second level and so on. Each right answer will be given three points.

Chopsticks culture for iPhone

As I said earlier the negative part relies in missing the recipes and ingredients part. One more suggestion is a timer in the quiz would be something nice to play with. Chopsticks Culture is available on the app store for $2.99 and this app can make your China trip a delicious one for sure.

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