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Chillingham Manor iPhone App Review – Simple Puzzle with Interesting Anecdotes

Here is another puzzle game review to you people, Chillingham Manor developed by Synqua Game. Don’t expect much on the game with great graphical experience just like shooting the zombies, clearing the levels by finding the secrets, etc. Chillingham Manor is just a simple puzzle game that can be time killing if you go higher levels.

Chillingham manor for iPhone

As I specified in the title there is some thrilling anecdotes behind the game, which you can find from the initial video clip on playing the game. Of course the initial designing of this game may take you to higher expectations in the game play, but it keeps very simple later onwards. Brightside is the man in this game who wants to reach the Chillingham Manor by solving the 45 levels of puzzle all the way. So you just need to help Brightside to get the target.

You need to match the symbols and colors on the given array to successfully cast the spell. You can combine the same colors with different symbols or same symbols with different colors. Math them properly and you will be awarded points on each levels with star ratings. The initial levels may look pretty simple, but digging more into the game can make things little tougher. Just check out the “how to play” section to learn more about the controls, magic tools and limiters that can be helpful on the way. Magic tools are the bonus symbols that you can make use in critical situation on solving the puzzles. Another side the limiters make things tougher by making restrictions on arranging the boxes.

You can take out the deals for different matches if you are in trouble arranging the symbols or colors. Of course don’t leave the magic tools (bonus) available to make the puzzle easier. Players also have the benefit of collecting a number of unique useful spells as they progress through the game. Chillingham Manor is featured by Apple Game Center so you can play online by challenging with your achievements. So if you are out of the initial expectations created by the vivid ghoulish game theme, you are going to get addicted for sure!

Chillingham manor iPhone game

Chillingham Manor is available on the app store for $0.99.

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