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CatBurglar iPhone App Review – Lovable Robbery from the Smart Cat

CatBurglar from Cygnis Labs is a well-made puzzle game with some funny and interesting game play. Being frank I found this to be little tough to play initially and once I get into the idea it was really good.

cat burglar for iPhone

The main positive for CatBurglar is the benign design and excellent background score. There are bunch of puzzle games available, but this app is something simple in concept and well executed. Okay, let’s explore the app.

The play button drives you to three options like Old Cat City, Cat’s H.Q and New Cat City. I dug into the Old Cat City first and was really in trouble to proceed.  You can see a cat climbing in the ladder and the aim is to unlock the safe. You have to rotate the dial until you hear the click sound. Once you set the dial on correct click you need to tap the handle to open the locker. I found this game play pretty tough! I was struggling to identify the click and once I managed it was not successful and got busted many timesJ. So once you are busted you need to pay 1000 from your pocket to get the bail. Once your pocket is empty that’s the end of the game. Important thing is the counter will be started once you have started dialing and you need to open the locker before it expires. Once you have succeeded you will be given few seconds to steal the items inside the safe. You need to grab as much as possible before the time expires and get out. An update was informed by the developer, but I didn’t find anything to solve this level!!!

The New Cat City is little more interesting. You will be asked a 3 or 4 digit secret code to open the locker here. You won’t be given any clues here so just pick a random number. Once you taped the unlock button it shows your attempt proceedings where you can find the clues on the secret code. There is a total of 10 attempts and if you are entered wrong numbers that would be indicated in red. The correct numbers are shown in green and the numbers in wrong positions are noted with yellow.

cat burglar iPhone game

That’s it, you need to identify the secret code from the clues given and unlock the safe thereby by stealing the things inside the locker within the time. Cat’s H.Q is the place where the cat keeps all the items from the robberyJ. The app is OpenFient enabled so you can play online with your friends

CatBurglar is available in the app store for FREE of cost and I can say one copy in your device is of course worthy!

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