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Cartoon Defence : Space wars iPhone app review

Strategic action games are one of the favorite of mine any time! Cartoon Defense is a nice action packed game developed by KTH with a detailed story behind all the actions. The game is a kind of shoot the opponent in a space backdrop genre, but with some nice graphics and gameplay, Cartoon Defense gives a perfect gaming experience.

There is a big story behind the game; here it is from the App Description,

Once upon a time, somewhere in the deep universe, there was a beautiful and peaceful planet named “Cartoon”, and there lived a peace-loving tribe, called“White”. One day, the “Gray” tribe which was one of the most notorious and vicious tribes in the universe, started to intimidate the “White” and forced them to hand over their planet “Cartoon”, saying that they will be brutally retaliated if they refused to. The “White”, who was the governor of planet cartoon, warned them to leave right away. However, the notorious “Gray” started to attack the planet “Cartoon”. Therefore, “The White” declared war against the “Gray” to restore justice and the peace of the universe.

cartoon defence review for iPhone

The gameplay may be very familiar if you have played many strategic shooting games. You are provided with units with mines and other equipments to protect your planet. You have to build your units with all the resources given and make it strong enough to survive the enemies.

The gameplay screen is very much crowded with all the things arranged for the battle. You can see the number of mining units, minerals, no. of attacking units and a mini map on the top. The bottom side there is slots for mining units, special attacks and a weapon change slot as well. The game has two options to choose from; scenario and challenge.

Free version allows playing the scenario levels while you need to upgrade to play the challenges part. There are lots of weapons available in the units that are only accessible with in-app purchases. The free version itself contains a lot of levels inside, which gives enough gaming on the go. On the playing screen you have to protect a rotating earth (ie, your planet ‘Cartoon’). Enemies will round up from any directions and you have to place your forces on the screen to get them eliminated and save your planet.

You can place the canons to attack the opponent. You need sufficient number of minerals to keep the canons active and fire on the opponents. If your minerals are empty, canons won’t shoot and that should probably the end your game. Another attacking unit is mines that you can place on the enemies and explode to kill them.

On the whole the game is pretty interesting, but gives an uncompleted feel on the gameplay and the graphics after checking the icon and screenshots at first! Cartoon Defense is available on the App Store for free of cost!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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