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Cannibal Cookout iPhone app review – Keep the pressure cooker active!

Cannibal Cookout developed by MeYuMe is a very cool game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that comes with an enticing graphics and funny gameplay throughout all the levels of the game. It is made with some eye-catching graphics that makes any kind of gamer addicted to the app.

It has wide range of gaming features and stunning gaming characters, which gives a fun-filled ride every time you play. The objective of the game is to kill all the Nibblers on your way by dragging and dropping them to the heated pot. The game is very easy at the beginning, but makes more engaged when you reach more levels with some more opponents who support the Nibblers.

cannibal cookout for iPhone

You need to help Hector and Elvira to become the head chef. To achieve the target all that they want to do is cook as much as Nibblers they can. They have to survive a lot of other opponents who support the Nibblers. The graphics is the main attraction of the game. With some eye-catching, colorful, funny characters and design, Cannibal Cookout makes it addicted.

The gameplay is simple where you have to drag and drop all the Nibblers into the pot. On initial levels the task is very easy and you can simply walk over them. But, the game gets tougher when it reaches more levels where the pots are attacked by army; dropped Nibblers are escaped with help of their supporters or some angry birds flying over them.

There is a store where you can find all the coins, skulls and other things you have gathered during the levels. You can also get the skulls or other things by some in-app purchases as well. You can see a recipe book in the shop to which you can drag and drop all the items you have collected during the levels. On completing each level, you will be given a rewarding time where you can watch out all the items collected.

cannibal cookout for ipad

Collect as much as coins you can, which will help you buy things from the inventory. Don’t miss to tap on the items dropped on the playing screens that are required for making the recipes. The game is really unstoppable if you start playing and makes your fingers restless by dragging and dropping the Nibblers into the pot. Cannibal Cookout is really a brilliant game for every iOS users.

This Universal app is available on the App Store for “FREE”!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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