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Bricks Buster iPhone App Review

There are very famous games in old days when there was not an actual smartphone live. Some games I have played in my earlier stages in devices like Nokia, Samsung was more intended towards very simple games like aligning or shooting the bricks, or something like a normal cheap video game with average gameplay and design.

bricks buster for iPhone

Bricks Buster is such a game with an old gameplay, but built in for the Apple devices! In fact, the design is something okay here. There is nothing extravagant on Bricks Buster, so don’t expect much on going for this. Perhaps this can help kill your time on regular playing that can make the game more interesting.

So here is what it contains, touch the playing screen to start the game, which makes the ball to float and hit the bricks and reflect back to the ground. There is a paddle on bottom and you are the controller for it. Just tap left and right control buttons to adjust the paddle and make sure the ball won’t drop. That’s it! Simple and too old J

You are given with four lives, which is shown on top. You can also see your score there. There is no online gaming as well. The good part is the paddle control, which is decent and easier to go ahead. According to the app’s description it contains 20 levels and it may be more interesting if you dig into deeper levels.

bricks buster iPhone app

There are some power ups in the game like sticky-paddle, wide-paddle, multi-ball and slow ball. These can make the paddle wider, ball movements slower and so on. Catching these can help you get more scores on the game. My final words on the app are Bricks Buster is not such a big graphical game with addictive gameplay. But if you like simple games with ease of playing this can be surely added to your list.

Bricks Buster is available on the app store for $0.99

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