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Book of Magic iPhone App Review – Be a Magician with Ease

After so many games and regular apps from the app store, here is something different I have experienced recently. Are you guys interested in doing some magic to your friends, family or someone else? Book of Magic is the right one!

book of magic for iPhone

TimeBom has come up with a nice app that picks the tricks on magic very easily. I know everyone likes doing such tricks and make others embarrassing where Book of Magic teaches a variety of tricks with videos. So let me explore what’s inside the app. On tapping the icon the first screen itself is very impressing with such a nice colorful design that totally gives a mesmerizing effect.

Even the app name stands as Book of Magic, there is no pages inside instead and it’s all about videos that will teach you the magic. There are nearly 60 tricks available in the app that is classified according to the category, complexity and showiness. Of course the complexity lets you to choose the level as easy, simple or advanced. Showiness refers how much of intensity the trick to be, just like super, interesting or stunning tricks. In the category section you can see different types of tricks divided into groups like card tricks, romantic, bar, money and more. There are totally seven categories you can explore here.

Once you get in you can see a list of tricks to choose from indicated with its category (if it belongs to more than one you can see it here) and the level of play. So that’s it, choosing a trick from the list guides you to play the video which demonstrates it. You can even go for the video download as well. But the sad thing is there is nothing inbuilt so you need to turn on your Wi-Fi right away. You can learn the tricks from here and share it to your friends via Email. I have tried something to learn and actually failed to perform in front of my palsJ. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, but all that you need is practicing the tricks more and more.

book of magic iPhone app

So learning magical things are pretty easier with this app and if you are going to spend your money on some books or something else to learn, I will tell you better you can try this. Experience it and make your dear ones to say WOW! Book of Magic is available on the app store for $2.99

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