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Blockapp for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

I love puzzles – I always have and I probably always will. Unfortunately, new games have yet to challenge me, or flip the conventional gameplay of the puzzle genre – making it truly random and unique. That’s what I thought, until I found Blockapp.

Blockapp feels like tetris reversed, and in some ways, it looks like it too. With the difficult L shaped blocks and the blessing of I shaped block, Blockapp shares many of the same characteristics – but revolutionizes the classic game with bonuses, coins and so much more!

What I really like about Blockapp is the levels of difficulty. Now – I’m quite good at puzzles, so I sped through the first few levels, proceeding onto levels that challenged me and even made me struggle – that’s not to say that it’s too impossible to complete!

In Blockapp, you collect coins as you play – these coins play a key role in the gameplay as an entirety, as with them, you can buy boosts such as the ‘coin magnet’ which attracts coins to your blocks, the ‘coin twice’ boost which multiplies the amount of coins you receive and ‘defrag board’ which forces tiles to gaps when they are formed.

Blockapp is incredibly simple, and although there is a straightforward tutorial, I feel that I didn’t need it. I recently went on a long car journey and Blockapp made the time fly by – it’s easy to play and can keep me entertained for hours at a time.

I really like Blockapp for its beautiful interface. From each block to the general menu screen, everything feels fluid. In other words, it’s a fun game with a fun interface. What’s more, the connection with Game Center is really good – allowing me to compete against my friends to score as many points as possible!

Whether you are an avid puzzle fan or just want to while away 5 minutes of the day – Blockapp is perfect for you. It takes the classic elements of Tetris and brings them to life on iOS, it’s a new experience built upon old ones.

Ultimately, Blockapp won’t win ‘Best Game of the Year 2014’ but that’s not the point. It’s a game that I will continually launch just to while away the time – it’s like Tetris, but better, with social integration, boosts and so much more. It’s a game that’s polished in every way, and I only ever experienced one minor hiccup whilst playing – but that was partially my fault.

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