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Bird Hunting Mania! iPhone app review – Birds in action again!

Games with birds are always a fun and they have created much hype on the App Store worldwide. Hope you are all aware of the mighty Angry Birds and some tiny birds who were the best sellers many times on the Apple App Store. The main advantage of these kinds of games is the funny gameplay and excellent graphical work that makes a user addictive to it.

Bird Hunting Mania is such a nice game that features some beautiful birds. But here the case is different, the birds are not the heroes, you have to make sure that you hunt more birds and win the game here.

bird hunting mania for iphone

First thing I always used to check when I got a game on hand is its graphics. Bird Hunting Mania really satisfied me on this on the very first glance itself. The app is brilliantly made with some unique gameplay and stunning graphical works. Of course it may be yet another shooting game, but the concept is entirely fresh.

The controls in Bird Hunting Mania are simple where you have to just tap on the screen to shoot the bullets and trap the birds on the net. There are 11 different birds available in this game from little humming birds to giant eagles. The birds will start flying on the screen once the game begins. You have to shoot and trap them on the nets to earn gold coins thereby survive your health.

You can adjust the size of the bullets by switching between different crossbows. If you are running out of coins you can’t shoot at the birds. If you want some additional coins you can easily buy some through the in-app purchases. There is timer besides the coins when comes to zero you will be given with some additional coins to proceed.

bird hunt mania for iOS

If you got a phoenix you are awarded with a golden egg, which you can crack immediately for 100 coins or hatch it waiting for next 15 minutes. The game is well located with eye-catching waterfalls and flying mountains that remind me of some Avatars! There is small camera button on top right that allows you, a different way of sharing your game progress to Twitter and Facebook friends.

You can watch out for the blue life bar on the bottom when reaches zero the game ends. I was hoping to see this app on the bigger screen of my iPad, which would be a killer one indeed! Simply, Bird Hunting Mania is a cool game that proves birds are always the winners on the App Store.

Our rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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