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Big Gun iPhone app review – Get into the Gangsters world

Action based gangster games are one of the favorite section from the App Store where many users love to play these kinds of games in their iPhone or iPad. We can see a bunch of games on the App Store in this category with some stunning graphics and 3D effects. In fact, third person action games are little more interesting to play comparing with the first person gaming.

Big Gun is an interesting first person action flick from the developers 9thQ Entertainment, which can deliver you an exact feel of real action thriller. This is a kind of game where you can see some extreme levels of action packed story and objectives. It is definitely a time killer if you started and the objectives are never ending for a long time!

big gun gangster game

You need an internet connection to play with Big Gun. Initially you are asked to set up an account with the app in a few steps. This is not a mandatory one; you can simply go for the game right away as well. You have to choose a gang from three different ones. Once done, you can set your avatar from the list and a nick name to proceed.

Choose your location from the given map that guides you to the playing screen. Hereafter the game gets to a training mode where all you have to do is obey the options the game shows. You will be guided every step on the way to accomplish your target. Once completed you have to proceed further from the experience you gained from the training and do the job yourself.

big gun action game

There are lots of options available on the playing screen, which you need to master. For example, you can see a map that shows your objectives, clicking on them will load the location and you can continue the game from there. Sometimes you may get informative tips to you Email as well. There is an option to fight with the opponent, but it was simply clueless on how to do it effectively. Whatever I do with the fight I was always winning without knowing what is actually happening out there!

Of course the app is simply superb in the graphics and intuitive design, but the gameplay seems a bit difficult. So it is better to utilize your training part well so that the remaining would be easier to accomplish.  The most exciting part is, Big Gun is available on the App Store for free of cost!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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