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Avas Flowers iPhone App Review – Better Way to Make Your Dear One’s Happy

It is quite natural someone gets the happy feel when they wish their dear ones on their birthday or anniversary, etc. What about if you can send them a bunch of flowers on those sweet moments? Of course, it would be an unforgettable moment! Here is an app Avas Flowers, which can make your task easier on the go.

This is the official app from Avas Flowers who are Avas Flowers is a Nationwide Florist offering premium flowers at discount prices. Avas Flowers for iPhone or iPad offers the same facility, which lets their customers order flowers from their iDevice easily.

avas flowers for iPhone

With this app on hand, delivering beautiful bouquets to your loved ones is the easiest thing. All that you need is an internet connection on your mobile or tablet. The app is made with the same color combination of their website and the interface is pretty simple. It provides simple user navigation, which is required for a simple eshopping app. A toll free number is available on the first fold of the app so that in case of any issues with your order you can easily get in touch with them.

You have to just scroll down to see the featured flowers and bouquets with their ratings, price and an easy way to add them into your shopping cart as well. In case if you want more details on particular flower, you can tap on the view product button. This will give detailed information on the flower; you can read through the user comments, delivery information and also the tips on how to keep those flowers safe.

avas flowers for iPad

Another cool feature is the option to personalize your order. Once you have added an item to your cart, you can personalize it adding some beautiful gifts with flowers like a greeting card or a teddy bear. You can easily sort out the flowers by category by clicking on the ‘Nav’ button. There are plenty of categories available like season, by brand, hot deals, etc. If you need to search a particular flower you can simple do that as well.

Avas Flowers give you a lot of discount coupons and I was surprised that I was able to participate in an iPad contest when I initially entered the app! In fact, it was pretty simple entry by giving my email address only! If you are someone who love and don’t want to miss any enchanting occasions of your dear ones, Avas Flowers is definitely for you!

It is a universal app available on the App Store for free of cost.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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