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Atomania iPhone App Review

Feel like Einstein! This is what the developer of Atomania says. I think the numbers of puzzles are increasing rapidly on the app store and Atomania is not an exceptional game. In fact, this is a tough puzzle game I have played recent times.

Atomania for iPhone

Of course, the game play is little tough for me as sliding the atoms around and joining them took me several attempts. Atomania is a chemistry based game, where you need to combine the separated atoms together to make the required molecule. Indeed, I like the concept of this game.

There are 25 levels of this game available, which is listed in a single screen. You are not allowed to select a particular level of your choice – instead you have to unlock each level one by one.  Each levels are given a time to finish, so beware you need to make the molecule before the time up.

On the playing screen the graphics seems to be very basic level. You can see a molecule you need to complete on the left bottom of the screen. Here comes the big part, the separated atoms can be slid across the wall in any direction, but what makes the game play little tough is, once you have slid an atom it will stop either only by hitting the end of the wall or another atom. It was only my feel that this makes the game tough to play, but you can master it once you get the control over.

Atomania puzzle game for iPhone

First level contains H2O, second level with CH4 and the series goes bigger. Another good thing is the decent background score on the playing screen. There is a refresh button, which makes you restart the level if you are confused with the atom alignments, and you can see the score as well. Sometimes you may be confused like you can’t finish the level, even you have combined the atoms as needed. This is just because of the wrong connections you made. You have to note the exact connection points to combine the atoms as shown in the model.

Atomania is Game Center enabled, so you can just play the puzzle online and challenge your friends with the achievements. This game is available on the app store for 1.99 USD.

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