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Asian Cuisines iPhone App Review – Taste of Asia in your iPhone

asian recipesIt’s been a while since I have reviewed something scrumptious 🙂 Are you wondering what is scrumptious in terms of apps? Of course, I do love checking out some recipe apps habitually from the App Store and here is another chance for me to wrap another appealing recipe app – Asian Cuisines.

Asian Cuisines is a great app if you love preparing or eating some yummy Asian recipes especially from Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. You can have the best culinary practice with a very intuitive interface and a striking image based step-by-step recipe directions. The app opens up with a nice main screen that resembles a round dining table from which you can prefer the recipes from several Asian countries.

High quality pictures are very imposing to get an idea of the exact final dish. The scrollable recipe details page shows the kind of taste as sweet, spicy, etc. It is followed by the ingredients list and the steps to prepare the dish. This can be much superior if they can add a quick video that demonstrates the preparation. Do you like the final recipe than what you have anticipated? Do you want to put together this again next week? Just tap the favorite button to add all your favorite recipes in one segment.

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Oh yes, there is a shopping cart, which is very useful if you are planning a shopping to get the ingredients first. Simply tap on the shopping button to add all the ingredients to the shopping box, tap the shopping basket on the main screen, there you go! You are never going to miss any ingredients. Indeed, very useful for many housewives 🙂

I have traveled a lot to Asian countries and tasted some bizarre dishes allover! If you are like me, with Asian Cuisines you are going to hoard a lot bucks in the next trip. You can prepare some mouth-watering dishes in home using this app. Another cool feature is the timer that allows you to add the reminders so you never forget that fresh asparagus on your way past the farm market! You can easily share the recipes to anyone through emails.

With a lot of recipes to offer, Asian Recipes is a great app for your next culinary preparation!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]


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