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Apple App Store Ranking Algorithm Updated?

9to5mac reports Apple has changed their app store ranking algorithm as we can see there is many changes in the app store apps rankings recently. Official Facebook app now ranks at the top where many of the games who were in the top rankings has pushed back.

Apple app ranking algorithm

It seems Apple now ranking the app not only based on the number of downloads, but also the usage and ranking. Flurry’s vice president also notices these changes.

“We’ve been noticing changes in the Top Free rankings for at least three days now,” said Peter Farago, vice president of marketing at Flurry, which serves 80,000 applications with its analytics product. “From our point of view, Apple is absolutely considering more than just downloads, which we believe is the right direction go to measure true popularity of an app.” Other pay-per-install networks tell us they’ve been detecting these changes too.

As Apple started revamping their algorithms for ranking the apps it will be a welcome move for the users as they can easily find out the better one among the huge list.

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