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App Review – Overhere App for iPhone


OverHere app for iOSLocation based apps may not be a faultless pick for many users, but people who used to travel a lot cannot avoid handy locations apps in their routine life. Of course, there are many favorites for me such as Foursquare – one of my most used apps for iPhone.

Overhere App is developed by Life Changing Apps, which is a location based application for your iPhone. The name itself is an insinuation for the app working where you can easily post a suggestion for the spot where you are right at! For me this app seems to be something unique as well as a useful one for creating wakefulness.

I must mention about leaving tips in Foursquare for a particular place. This is clearly redefined in Overhere App where users can add any suggestions for improvement at a particular place. You can provide a name for the place if it is not available already. The app can make use of the GPS of your device and identify the exact location where you suggestions can spot on.

You can explore all the suggestions posted around your area on the dashboard. Alas, the app seems to be very new and there are only very limited users at the moment. Perhaps we can see more valuable suggestions for perfection at your lovable spots around. You can watch out integrated Google maps, your overall ‘Overhere’ suggestions, places and rankings from the menu on top left.

Once you are done with a suggestion, other people can vote it up or down. The information is represented with the date and time along with the latitude and longitude details. Significantly the suggested details can be shared through email, Facebook and Twitter for a greater reach among your friends. If you have managed to find out the email id of a responsible person for the spot management, simply tap the email share to notice them your suggestions.

Overhere App is available for FREE from the App Store. Go ahead and check out the app if you feel something to be noticed on your most wanted spot.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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