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AP Economics – Up Down Study iPhone App Review

Usually I do get my hands on more games from the app store, but when I am asked to have a look at the app AP Economics I was quickly into it because I am not much in touch with the education kind stuffs. So just stepping away from the regular game reviews, here is AP Economics an education app that can help the high school students to the core.

Ap economics for iPhoneThis app helps engaged high-school students prepare for their AP Economics Test on-the-go! The main objective of this app is making the students to learn the Economics and prepare for their semesters with ease.  The developers came up with some interesting tactics here apart from the app features, which lets the users to discuss more about the topics in their Facebook page.

The app comes with two sections like study section and the information section. On the information part you can see the famous economics majors and best economics universities which will be really helpful for the students to learn more about the famous personalities, universities with their detailed info like wiki details, images, news, etc. The study section is the learning content, which is bi-parted into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

You can learn things pretty easily from here and the contents are nicely organized. There are graphical representations, formulae and more so students can easily understand and refer the topics. There is up/down sounds on sliding through the content that I feel just irritating. Better if you feel the same, you can turn it off from the settings. You can easily add any pages to the bookmarks for further easy reference.  As I spotted in the beginning users can share doubts and thoughts on the Economics topics in the Facebook page. The page is moderated by eminent Economics teachers to resolve user questions & share knowledge so obviously you can get valuable points from here too.

Ap economics iPhone app

AP Economics is a mobile study portal for students that you can bring along and review from anywhere, helping you study more flexibly and without logistical restrictions or hassles. The app is available on the app store for $2.99

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