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AniEmoticons iPhone app review – Send what you feel with AniEmoticons

Do you ever feel the limited number of emoticons on your emails or text messages? Of course you may be little frustrated with the regular, repetitive emoticons on your emails and messages. AniEmoticons developed by Dim Dim Sum app is a brilliant one that helps you survive this situation.

Emoticons are good way to expose your feels when you’re not in a voice conversation. But most of the email and text applications purvey very little smiley, which may not be enough to express your real feel. This is where AniEmoticons gives you a helping hand. You can use some awesome emoticons from this app that makes your emails and message with a better feel.

aniemoticons iphone app

You can send emails and text messages from this app with huge collection of animated emoticons. It has 2740 specific animated emoticons, which are separated into 28 diverse categories. You can search the emoticons from the given categories very easily according to your feel. Categories are separated as 3D smiley, alphabet, bear and panda, festival and lot more.

On the home screen you can see the options to compose email with multiple emoticons. There is another option to send one emoticon for Multimedia Messaging Service. Surprisingly there is no way to send the text messages using these emoticons! In fact, I was looking for that option more than any others, which is really a downside.

aniemoticons for iOS

You can choose the emoticons easily from the app to the composing area. The interface is very intuitive with user-friendly navigation buttons all over. The most enticing thing in this app is the huge collection of animated emoticons. It has huge varieties of emoticons separated under several categories. You can send only one emoticon as MMS.

AniEmoticons also have a lite version that holds 949 emoticons, which are grouped under 10 categories. If you are someone who really misses your expressions when you send emails, AniEmoticons is absolutely for you! Download the app and send your message expressing the real feel!

AniEmoticons is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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