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Alien Shooter EX. iPhone Game Review


alien shooter ex gameThe term “Alien” is something maddening for many game freaks. There are a lot of zombies and alien games out there in the App Store and most of them delivers best gaming experience on the iOS devices. Here is Alien Shooter EX., another quill to the crown!

Developed by Charlie Choi for the iPhone, Alien Shooter EX is a gleaming action game without any doubts. The game has all the mix for a first-rate action packed gameplay and some breathtaking graphics. I have tested it on my iPhone 5 and the game worked effortlessly without any glitches. But, I was just wondering that why the developers didn’t launch it as a universal game that supports the bigger screens of iPad too!

You are in an action mission to accomplish various dangerous targets fighting against some hazardous aliens all the way. You may feel the gameplay a bit repetitive if you have played many walk and shoot games already. But, Alien Shooter EX will unquestionably make you engaged if you are tolerant enough to pass the initial missions.

The objectives and various attacks are really stimulating and challenging as well. The RPG game is at extensive power with high end graphics and adaptive background score. If you played it with a headset, you can immerse in the game naturally. The controls are perfect with real-time demo at the initial stages make it very trouble-free to realize and use.

I can’t hide the fact that playing such games on smaller screens is a bit tough and boring. As the smartphone trend goes to bigger screens, the developers should consider an iPad version.  The other thing I have noticed was the issue in shooting control. It was a bit hard for me to target some objects and shoot precisely. However, I managed to shoot in all the directions with a simple round swipe on the screen.

You can have a wide range of weapons from the shop and buy through in-app purchases if you need anything in exigency to complete the mission. Alien Shooter EX. is yet again a wonderful RPG shooting game that can definitely turn your heads. It is available on the App Store for FREE, which is a short period offer from the actual price $3.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.3/5]

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