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Aeronauts: Quake in the Sky iPhone App Review – Master the Aeronaut war on your iDevice

As the name implies this game makes a quake on the air! Aeronauts: Quake in the Sky is yet another interesting action game from the app store with some excellent and interesting gaming environment. Please note this is a free app and it gives more than what we can expect for free.

This is an addicting shooting game where you are the aeronaut to glide your flight by destroying all the enemies on your way. You have to choose your flight initially on starting a new game. You are provided with three flights named BARRACUDA, BLUEFIN and GREYHOUND. You can see the short notes on each flight describing its specialties.  Once you choose any of these flights you are asked to select a stage to play.

aeronaut: Quake in the Sky iPhone app

By default it is the winter palace and you can see some more environments to fight by unlocking each level. Some of the stages are paid and you have to spend some bucks from your wallet to achieve those. Right next is your playing screen. You have to control your flight and shoot on the enemies. There is no buttons to trigger your machine-gun, which makes the game little easier to play. The only way of navigating your flight is simply tilting the screen. You can go top/bottom or left/right side of the screen easily continuously shooting at your opponents.

Make sure to keep your life healthier, which is shown by a red bar on left of the screen. You have to keep safe from the bullets from your enemies to survive the levels. Keep getting the stars and health packs on destroying the opponents. Achieving the stars improve your scoring, which is shown on the top. There are different colors of stars as well, which depends on the power of opponents. You can see some heavy loaded flights attacking you, which can be destroyed by launching the missiles with a single tap on the enemy flights.

aeronaut: Quake in the Sky for iPhone

You can change the control of your flight from the tilt option to a Joypad or touch from the Settings. In fact, tilt is the easiest form of playing this game where the other two was little toughest part. Most important part of this game is the eye catching design. Truly saying, each of the stages gives a real impact of fighting right there! Why the developers can’t make this app for an iPad? I am sure on a big screen this app would be really awesome.

GameCenter is missing in this app, but there is a leaderboard as well; which is implemented through NEST. For free of cost this game is quite more than what we expect. I would strongly recommend this app a try if you are a game freak and especially a shooting gamer.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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