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10Plus Pro iPhone App Review – Make Your 10 and Win the Game

Bejeweled! Hope all of you might have a look at this very popular app. There are lots of apps launching recent days, which focuses on the same gameplay of this game. In fact, it is really interesting to play with these apps and developers are very keen to deliver their best on the app design to overcome the repetitive gameplay.

10Plus is a simple game where your main objective is to slide the numbers that make a total of ten. Simple right? That is not the fact if you progress with this game. Of course the gameplay is pretty old like arranging the same colored crystals in the bejeweled game. On launching the app you can see the main screen where there is a board contains different numbers. A timer on the top is what you have to note and your goal is just combining the numbers to form a total of 10. Once the numbers are removed the entire row is replaced with the remaining numbers.

10plus pro app review

As much you score within the given time, you can earn more stars on each level. If you are a bit confused on choosing a series of numbers the app itself shows the corresponding numbers to drag. So you can simply drag them and increase your score. All that makes the difference is the timing. The app is well made in terms of its design and the gameplay, which keeps our fingers on the iDevice for a long time.

Sliding the numbers can be vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. You can see numbers from 1 to 4 in the initial levels and I see a zero adding in the second round, which makes the game progress interesting. Another cool thing in the game is the backdrop music, which is really funny. The time counter increases as you slide the right numbers and there is a negative count as well; that occurs if you miss the calculation. This app can be an educational tool for kids by just arranging various sequences of numbers that give a total of 10.

10plus pro for iPhone

Once the game progresses, you can see more numbers in the grid and that makes the game little easier as wellJ. Normally when the level increases the game should be tough right? There is online playing option in the menu, but it never worked for me causing an error “Cannot connect to the server”. I am not sure is this a common error or something that caused by my internet connection. There is an online forum as well where you can discuss about the app and if you have any issues you can start discuss about it.

10Plus is available on the app store for $0.99 and it can be a leisure time partner on your iDevice for sure.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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