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Yatzius Rex Free iPad App Review

Dice games are a perfect entertainment option when you are really bored with usual action games. Comes from the ancient ages, these games are real thrillers that only focuses your luck! In fact, that is the main advantage of these kinds of games.

Yatzius Rex is devolved by Bording Software Aps that brings you the classic dice game Yathzee right on the screens of your iPad. You can feel the real playing effects from the app with bigger and clear iPad displays. The main objective of this game is to score as many points as possible by rolling the five dices.

Yatzius Rex review
A player has three turns to roll the dices in which he/she has to score the maximum of scores through the combinations produced. Depending on the combinations produced there are lots of scoring features available such as pair, two pairs, chance, full house and so on. If all the dices you roll provide the same numbers, then it is the Yathzee!

As the game revolves around only a single screen, it may be a bit boring for some users. But, if you play this for a while it can really keep you entertained. Right now the highest Yatzius Rex score is 4620, which is really huge for me. I have tried it some rounds, but there was no luck to even see triple digit scores!

Yatzius review for iPad

The game should be improved more in terms of the attractiveness. Developers can think of adding some social media sharing features and something like an offline/online leaderboard too. I was struggling a lot to realize the gameplay of this app, so it is pretty decent to include a tutorial that explains the theme and gameplay.

On the whole, Yatzius Rex is a new and digital conversion of classic dice game Yathzee. This dice game is available on the App Store for FREE. For someone who wishes to go for an ad free version Yatzius Rex Pro is also available for just $2.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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