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WhiteBoard Mojo iPad app review – A business man’s assistant

Recent days people who used to work on the laptops are shifting to the brilliant innovation from Apple, The iPad! Of course, personally I feel that the iPad is not exactly a replacement for the laptops however; I am doing most of my office works with this amazing gadget!

Especially if you are a businessman you might be felt that the importance of having an iPad on hands. With some brilliant apps for the business people, iPad is making life much easier for business people. WhiteBoard Mojo developed by VizMojo Labs is a cool app for business people to show their ideas in an easier way in a meeting or some other meet ups.

WhiteBoard Mojo review for iPad

WhiteBoard Mojo helps you draw some icons as you wish in a snap, map your ideas in short time and share your ideas to the world with few taps. The user interface is very simple and easier to use. You can see the menu on the downside that allows you draw the icons you want, map it by adding some predefined symbols and finally save and share it to the world!

The app permits creating representations simply using your fingertips. On the “Draw It” section, you can watch out for the demo videos to draw various objects, but it sticks to the screen always without an option to close it. There are a lot of other options to draw the objects such as a pencil, line, curved line, circle, rectangle and more. There is an eraser to delete the objects, but surprisingly no option available to undo/redo the last move! The entire screen gives a paint application effect, but with a lot of limitations.

whiteboard mojo business app

Once you are done with the drawing, you can add pre-defined objects to map the presentation as you wish. A text box is available to add the text you want to the presentation. There is a save button on the top right to save the final work. On the left you can simply add a new presentation by tapping the ‘+’ button and delete the unnecessary works.

Sharing your presentation is very important and WhiteBoard Mojo does it very efficiently. The presentations can be shared through Facebook, Twitter or Email from the “Share It” menu. In case if you want to print the work, you can do that as well! On the whole, WhiteBoard Mojo is a nice idea to help business people, but definitely missing some important features. As it is especially designed for a business person, a way to draw charts/graphs should do the trick. Also, some cloud integration and import/export options should help people to use the app more effectively.

WhiteBoard Mojo is available on the App Store for a bit high price, $9.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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