Stop Motion – Animation Maker Pro App Review
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Stop Motion – Animation Maker Pro App Review


stop motion - animation pro for iOSStop Motion – Animation Maker Pro is a nice animation effects app for your iPhone and the iPad. Stop Motion is developed by LIM BYUNG SUN to provide smartphone and tablet users an expedient way of creating animation effects with the photos taken using the iOS devices.

This app is not a highly featured animation effects app available in the App Store, but it gives you an intuitive way of creating a fascinating video of all the photos you take using the app. In fact, the UI seems to be a bit sluggish, but overall it is easier to create the animations and play it as a full-length video.

The app straightly opens up with a nice looking menu where you can start creating the animations by choosing the different modes. You can choose the option to create the animation with editing options. In this mode you can simply tap on the device screen to capture the photos and edit them easily according to your needs.

Another mode allows a timer, which snaps the pictures automatically with regular time intervals. The next is a recording mode where you can add music files to your final animated file. I was just wondering that why the developers are separating all these features instead of combing all in a single screen! Once you start, you can capture the images using the camera and set the time lapse for the interval of image slideshow. Once you are done with capturing all the images, you are all set to view the animated output that shows a video combing all the pictures.

You can view and watch all the animations created in the ‘My videos’ section. The quality of the video can be adjusted from the settings to 320, 640 or 760 HD quality. There is an option to store the video in your device photo gallery, share it via email, Facebook and YouTube. But, you need to spend $2.99 to get the full version of the app to enjoy these features.

On the whole, Stop Motion is a nonstop action of creating some astonishing videos with your lovable memories. You can avail this app for FREE from the Apple App Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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