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SpeechVid iOS App Review – Make use of videos that educate!

A picture tells more than a word – We all know this from olden times. What about a video then? We can convey more information, which is easy to understand with a simple video. SpeechVid is an app that combines both image and video into one video and communicates clear information about the image with your own daily used words.

In terms of design and UI the app needs some more improvements. SpeechVid really shines when it comes to real-time usage. Yes, think if you are a parent who teaches your children, or a motivational speaker, a teacher who use digital ways to teach students – the app is very useful in all these scenarios and there are many other real-life opportunities to take the best out of it.

SpeechVid app for iPhone

Writing about the app, it wants you to create an account on the very first screen, which is a matter of a few seconds. You can see huge list of flashcard categories on the cards section and a separate video section to be created. Only the “animals” flash card is free to use where you need to post a video on your Facebook to get a special discount in pricing for the rest. If you want to get all of them for a single pay, it just costs $2.99. With the premium package you can create a custom card as well.

SpeechVid app for iPad

The app allows you to record a unique video after choosing the right flash card of your choice. You can talk about that image and convey your message very well with other app users and share with any other friends through SMS, email, social media, etc.

On the whole, SpeechVid is a very useful application for the iPhone and iPad. Developers need to give more attention in terms of the app design and UI, which is the downside. It is not that bad, but very simple for such a useful app for many.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store for FREE.


  • Design3.5
  • User Interface3.0
  • Concept4.0
  • Overall3.5

Verdict - A unique thought, which can do more if the overall looks are perfect!

3.5Overall Score

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