Ski Park HD – App Review
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Ski Park HD – App Review

Review Ski ParkI have always been a big fan of tycoon-style games – from my humble beginning with Rollercoaster Tycoon to something more modern like Simcity – the idea of being in-control of something, to mess with it like time is under your spell – it gives me a great sense of excitement.

This was once an experience reserved for the niche (now vastly expanding) clan of PC gamers – but now the same experience has arrived on mobile with Ski Park. It almost felt like Christmas morning when I first saw my park – the same feeling I felt back in 1999 with the introduction of Rollercoaster Tycoon. I believe there is something so special about being wildly in-control of where the game leads – something that triple A titles could never give us.

The game starts in a small town, inhabited by a few residents but slightly bland to say the least. Then, you meet Anna. She guides you through the game, making suggestions at random points and introducing you to new development ideas.

As the tutorial suggests, I build the first Chalet for 806 coins. Following the mobile trend, Ski Park adopts micro-transactions as a way to make money – you can either wait a set amount of time for construction to end or instantly finish construction with Snowflakes. You get rewards when you finish construction – building new things will promote a butterfly effect: a growth in population resulting in a need for new attractions leading to an expansion of tourism leading to a need for more rented apartments, etc…

Honestly, I hate tutorials and Ski Park’s tutorial is extremely long. Although, saying that, Ski Park was probably created for a younger age group who need a long tutorial to get ahold of the basics.

Upon starting the game, I bought a cafe, two wind turbines (one that I used to power the cable cars), a few trees (to open the cafe) and then I ran into a problem… I had depleted my supply of Snowflakes which meant I was unable to employ a specialist to work at the cafe. Do not fear: Snowflakes are really cheap and can be earnt for free by redeeming special offers.

I spent a good portion of the next hour playing the game. After redeeming a few offers I had around 20 Snowflakes – I made my way to level 7 and I progressed even further. Time flies by when you are having fun I guess, and Ski Park is no short of that. My cafe is open and all is going smoothly in my resort. So, why not cut the ribbon today and try Ski Park for free?

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