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Picflick iPad app review – Better way to manage your snaps

Photos are the best way to remember all those happy moments of your life. With iPhone and iPad (especially the New iPad), taking snaps and managing them is such an easy task. There are lots of iPad apps, which can help you, manage and share your photos in a way that you can never imagine.

Picflick developed by Intersog is a brilliant tool on your iPad to manage and share photos. It is designed very nicely with easy and intuitive interface, which is the main area many people think of selecting their photo management apps. It displays your images in a tile based design and makes you to edit and share your pictures in the easiest way.

picflick for iPad

The cool part of Picflick is that it can seamlessly integrate major photo sharing services such as Flicker, Picasa and Facebook. For those who needs the cloud support to stream your pictures, the app features Dropbox as well. Photo sharing doesn’t limits by here, if you want to send an image locally, there is an option to send it via Bluetooth.

The app comes with nice editing options, which allows you to re-size, crop and rotate the desired picture. Another nice option in Picflick is the way you can tag your photos with different colors. This is very helpful in case of adding huge number of photos to the app and organizes them according to your wish.

picflick for iPad review

Uploading and downloading photos using this app is really easy with some simple taps. There is an option to search your photos by date, album name, or some specific tags. In case if you have any important photos that you don’t want others to see, Picflick offers you to set a password for the app.

I like the way the photos are presented in this app with a neat left and bottom navigation. On the downside, I didn’t see an option to share the photos via email, which is a must need feature for these kinds of apps. Also, iCloud is badly missing here, which can be a nice addition to Dropbox.

You can download this app from Apple App Store for Free!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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