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Photo Slide Stream iPad App Review – Easily Locate Your Snaps at One Point

Looking at photos in your mobile when getting some leisure time is something everyone could wish. If you own an iPad, viewing your favorite picture on it is such a pleasure to the eyes. On such a crystal clear screen scrolling your fingers on them and enjoying the lovable moments are really great.

So what can help you better viewing your beautiful snaps? Here is the answer for it; Photo Slide Stream for iPad! Developed by AppFund UK, Photo Slide Stream can drive into your photos arranging them in an eye-catching slideshow. No issues whether your photos are not in your iPad or somewhere else. You can sync images from your Facebook account, TwitPic and also from Picasa. Of course, you can see the snaps in the iPad photo gallery too.

photo slide stream app review

The app is designed very simply with neat many options to sync the images from different sources and setting up a slideshow as you wish. You can mix the images from Facebook, TwitPic or Picasa from the Settings option. You can simply log on to the respective accounts here and set the time interval for the slideshow. The minimum time period is 10 seconds, so if you don’t want to see a picture less than 10 seconds you don’t have an option apart from the manual sliding using your fingers.

Developers please make a note on the setting option for a typo “Randomise”. Once you have synced the accounts you can watch out the pictures from the home screen with a single tap.  You can watch out the photos very well-organized on the screen. There is major drawback on the slideshow that not allows to continue the slideshow; if you click on a folder, then into a file. You can’t slide to the next on the same folder from here.

photo slide stream for iPad

There is an option to search for your FB friends and integrate their picture to this app. The design and user interface of Photo Slide Stream is very slick. There are no options to share a snap from the app. Also, adding some eye-catchy frames to fit the photos and save them separately can be good addition. On the Whole Photo Slide Stream is a good application, which lets you to combine all your favorite snaps on one location.

Check out the demo video from AppFund UK below,

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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